Frequently Asked Questions

Everything from Mexico and the Caribbean, to Italy and the South Pacific (and everything in between!). We have agents who specialize in certain regions of the world, and will match you with the right one.

We work with just about all properties, and can book anything from a simple hotel stay to a 200+ person group trip (or anything in between!).   We do however have our “preferred” properties that are our go-to resorts, and those are based on our personal experience and also our client’s past experiences, our relationships with the management and how they have treated our guests in the past.

Absolutely!  That’s the #1 reason we like to schedule a “getting to know you” call when you first contact us, so that we can determine what type of vacation experience you are looking for.  We then use that information to match you with the destinations and resorts that best fit.

Nothing!  Our agency does not charge any booking fees, so you will never pay more to work with a travel professional.  We typically save our clients money, and give them more value for their vacation dollar as well!

One of the most common questions we get from new clients is how to best reach us.

First, we highly recommend filling out our no-obligation quote request form if you have not contacted us previously.  Give us as much information and detail as possible about you, the type of trip you are looking for, destination, travel dates and any other specifics.  This helps us quickly narrow down preliminary options.

EMAIL:  The absolute best way to reach us quickly is through email.  I have access to my email from many sources like my desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone (which is always with me  ). Emails are checked frequently throughout the day and evening (often hourly). This is our preferred method of contact for many reasons, but mostly because it allows me to respond to inquiries and questions much faster no matter where I am.

PHONE:  If you call us and reach the voicemail, please leave a message (I don’t know you’re trying to reach me if you don’t)! I will call you back at my first available opportunity (please leave your name/number/best time to call) but depending on the time of day it could take a bit for me to do so. If however you email, I can quickly answer you from wherever I am 

Many people don’t realize that when they book online, unless they book directly with the airline, hotel, etc. that they are booking with a travel agency.  However, with the big “online agencies”, you are merely a number added to the bottom line.  Have a problem during travel or at your resort?  Call an 800 number and speak with someone who has no clue who you are, where you are going, etc. until you run through the entire story.  Get cut off or have to call back?  You get a different person and start from square one all over again.

On the other hand, we feel a personal connection with our clients and are always there for you.  If your trip goes awry and you need help, we DO know who you are, where you are going and who to contact to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

We also check all available options for your trip request, and offer a price match policy so that you can rest assured you are getting the most for your vacation dollar!

Yes we do!  Many packages that include air can be booked for as little as $150/pp deposit!  Please ask your agent for more information on our payment plans.

We always advocate booking early, especially when traveling during those popular and “high season” timeframes (i.e. Christmas/New Years holiday, spring break, summer family travel season, etc.).  Our experienced agents can advise you on the best booking timeframe, based on where you want to go and what you want to do.  Honeymoons and destination weddings we especially recommend booking far in advance, to help ensure availability at the resort and in the room category you are interested in.  Honeymoons we recommend at least 8 months or more in advance, and destination weddings we recommend securing your wedding date and room block at least 9-12 months out (further if possible).

Hotels have gotten more saavy about controlling their room pricing and inventory, and airlines have cut capacity and flights to many destinations (especially non-stop routes).  Waiting to book your vacation until the last minute in hopes of getting a “better deal” often leads to disappointment, and sometimes pricing even rises to the point that the trip you had your heart set on will no longer fit into your budget!  We recommend booking early to lock in your trip whenever possible.

We strive to make it as easy as possible to book with our agency.  Many times new clients who have never worked with a travel agent before are unsure of how it works, so we’ve outlined the very simple process below.

**After we’ve discussed the details of the trip you wish to book and you provide us with the traveler’s details, we put the booking on a courtesy hold and email you an invoice. The invoice will outline all details of the trip (dates, destination, air and hotel details, etc.) and will include deposit information, travel insurance information, cancellation policies and final payment date.

**Your invoice can be signed right online, even from a cell phone.  No problem!

**Once the invoice is accepted and signed, you may then submit your deposit (as outlined in your invoice) on our secure online card authorization form.  This can also be done right from your cell phone if that’s  easiest  for you!

**We process the deposit with the tour operator and confirm the booking, then send you an updated statement reflecting your deposit, balance and final payment date.

**You may then make payments at your convenience in between the time of deposit and final payment (using the same online card authorization form).

**Once final payment is made and the booking is paid in full, the tour operator sends us your trip documents, which we review and package for you with destination details, FAQ’s and always a little “something extra” for you! These are typically sent our 2-4 weeks prior to your departure date.

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