FAQ Friday – Are there all inclusive resorts in Hawaii?

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Many times we get clients, especially honeymooners, who dream of Hawaii as their destination of choice.  While it’s a U.S. state, and does not require a passport to travel to, a frequent question we get is “are there all inclusive resorts in Hawaii?”

The answer is pretty much no.  When people say “all inclusive” they are typically referring to the same concept found in Mexico and many of the Caribbean islands, where you pay 1 price upfront and it includes all your meals, snacks, beverages (including liquor/alcoholic drinks) and usually some entertainment and activities.  That concept is not one that is found in Hawaii (or any other US state for that matter).

A typical Hawaii vacationer will often stay in a city such as Waikiki, where they can walk right off property (or take public transportation) and have dozens of choices in restaurants and eateries to choose from.

waikiki trolley

Or they may choose to stay in one of the less populated areas of the Hawaiian islands and rent a car during their vacation to explore the island they are staying on.  They have no need or desire for an all inclusive.

Also consider that the locations where the majority of true all inclusive resorts are located are countries where the cost of living is much lower than in the states.  They don’t have to pay US wages, taxes and US prices for all of the components that go into an all inclusive package.  It just wouldn’t be profitable or cost effective for a US property to try to compete with the well-established all inclusive products that are already in existence elsewhere.

Now some hotels do offer “meal plans” where at least some of your daily meals are included in the price of your stay.  However, rarely is any type of alcohol included.  Several Hawaii hotels do have promotions where breakfast is included and sometimes even a resort credit that can be used at one of their restaurants.  Sometimes even a free car rental is included when packaging the vacation with one of our preferred tour operators.  We can certainly advise you on which ones include “extras” and what current promotions are in effect. Hawaii is a fabulous, romantic destination with so much culture, adventure and beauty to experience.  But in the end, Hawaii is not an all inclusive destination.


Four Seasons Travel LLCFAQ Friday – Are there all inclusive resorts in Hawaii?