Direct and nonstop flights…is there a difference?

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We’re pretty fortunate here in the DC/MD/VA region to have 3 great airports for travelers to fly from, and great nonstop flight options to some of the most popular vacation destinations.  During our consultations with clients, many tell me they want a “direct” flight, and when I explain to them the great nonstop options they ask “well aren’t they the same?”

The answer is NO, there’s a big difference between direct and nonstop flights!

DIRECT flights have at least 1 stop along the way to your final destination, although the flight number is the same for both/all segments.  They stop and let some passengers off, may board more passengers onto the aircraft, but the passengers from the originating city typically stay on the plane.  It’s often a source of confusion for someone looking at flight schedules online because they see that 1 flight number going all the way to their final destination but don’t always realize that their is indeed a stop.

NONSTOP flights are just that….they go from point A (where you depart from) to point B (your final destination) with no stops.

We usually advocate nonstop flights whenever possible for our clients, especially those that are traveling internationally for the first time.  From our area we have lots of great nonstop options to Cancun, Punta Cana, Jamaica and Aruba along with many popular domestic destinations.

If you’re ever in doubt when looking at flights for your next getaway, you’re always welcome to give me a call.  I’m happy to help!  🙂

Four Seasons Travel LLCDirect and nonstop flights…is there a difference?