Check your passport expiration date

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Is your passport collecing dust-

Apply for or renewing a passport?  We’ve got some important news for you!

We’re quickly approaching the 10th anniversary (January 1st, 2007) of when passports became mandatory for travel to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. As a result, there could be a surge in applications this next year, requiring up to 16 weeks or more to receive a new passport. Remember to check your passport expiration date before booking a new trip!  Also check your passport for damage (i.e. water damage, significant tears, missing visa pages, etc.) as a damaged passport will need to be renewed before travel regardless of the expiration date.  Apply or renew early to avoid paying an additional fee to have it expedited.

Also remember that while adult (age 16 and older) passports are valid for 10 years, a passport issued for a child under the age of 16 is only good for 5 years.

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Brides, did you know that if less than one year has passed since your passport was issued you can get it changed to your married name at no cost?   Name changes for passports


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