5 Tips to Save on Your Honeymoon

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Planning your honeymoon is a super exciting part of your wedding planning, but with all the other expenses that go along with coordinating your big day it often gets less financial attention than many of the other details.

Here are our top 5 tips for saving $$$ on your honeymoon:

Choose your destination wisely: It’s a fact, certain destinations will be more expensive to travel to, period. Factors such as getting there (higher airfares), how “self sufficient” a destination is (meaning do they grow/produce alot of what they need or does it all need to be imported), and how much competition for business there is really do play a part in overall cost. Some great “bang for the buck” destinations are Mexico (we love Cancun/Riviera Maya!), Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Travel during “off season”:  Peak travel times for destinations such as the Caribbean (and most other warm-weather locales) are Christmas, New Years and spring break timeframes, and during the cold weather months here in North America (who doesn’t want to escape the cold and snow in February and be sunning on a beautiful beach instead?).  Peak travel times = highest prices.  If your budget is tight, you might want to consider honeymooning during the value months or off-season for your desired destination (such as fall for the Caribbean). It can make a big difference to your pocketbook!

Consider an all-inclusive: Booking a package that includes your meals, beverages, activities and entertainment is a great way to keep you from overspending on your honeymoon.  You know what your trip costs are upfront, and won’t be pulling your wallet out at every turn or having to make difficult financial choices while enjoying the honeymoon of your dreams.

Book a complete package: Most times bundling your honeymoon into a package (flights, transportation and hotel) will offer you the best pricing.  Some properties may also offer some type of “freebie” as well, such as a resort credit, spa credit, complimentary honeymoon amenities and the like.

Book with a travel agent:  Your honeymoon is not the trip you want to trust to Groupon or some other online “deal site”.  Agents who specialize in honeymoons (like us!) are “in the know” about the best honeymoon resorts and what sales and promotions are going on for your travel dates. They also offer payment plans, a honeymoon registry (another GREAT way to help fund the honeymoon you’re dreaming of), and are there for you before, during and after your trip to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

And one more tip (ok so this is really 6 tips 🙂 )…

Purchase travel insurance for peace of mind.  No one, no matter how great a deal they’ve gotten on their honeymoon, wants to think about having to cancel and losing money.  What happens if your flight gets canceled, weather screws up your travel plans or you get hurt while in paradise?  You certainly don’t want to lose what you’ve paid for your trip, and you definitely don’t want to come home with big medical bills either. Travel insurance can provide that peace of mind…and more.

Happy Honeymoon Planning!!!
Four Seasons Travel LLC5 Tips to Save on Your Honeymoon